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Heroes vs Hero Culture

Posted on:May 16, 2022 at 12:13 PM

Having heroes around who work the extra hours, are passionate and drive, and bring those around them up while winning the day, is not a bad thing.

Hero culture is created when heroes take a disproportionate share of the rewards for the success of the team. This may seem impossible to avoid and even a fair system. Why shouldn’t the hardest working people get more reward?

Just as we must recognize that most wealthy people obtained their wealth on the support structures of society largely by being lucky, we can also must recognize that heroes are built on the backs of great supporting teams.

We can improve the distribution of reward by separating pay from promotion and by introducing other means of recognition.

The rockstar may get the promotion quickly but the person doing the glue work and enabling the quick progress gets a big raise and other recognition for being a key part of the team.