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Measured Response Awareness

Posted on:May 17, 2021 at 12:13 PM

Measured Response Awareness

Stimulation from media consumption and their secondary or downstream impacts on the people around us can distort our otherwise “natural” reactions to events.

Reset our Standards

Silent retreat for a while can help “reset” emotions by calming and looking inward for a while.

I see the slow and small incremental gains my 1 year old son Reyan is making each day and celebrate breakthroughs of new words, sounds, or activities. My wife and I really make a big deal out of these. If only we reacted the same way for anyone picking up a new skill or completing an arduous task.

Pause, Reflect, Enjoy

Instead our accomplishments are often met with a “neat” emoji reaction and not much more. We can’t control the reactions of others, but we can level-set our internal reactions and stop periodically to take note of how awesome we are for simply getting up, diligently doing housekeeping, working hard, learning, growing, and living our full lives. Often it’s when “nothing” is happening that it’s most important to reflect and appreciate how far we’ve come.