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Posted on:January 30, 2023 at 12:13 PM

After nine long years at one company I’ve been laid off in the great tech downturn of 2023.

I’ve noticed when getting laid off there’s a lot of “support” that I would best categorize as a distraction. Moving on is about letting go, understanding the temporary nature of everything. Understanding the best way to hold on is to repeat something over and over.

The “alumni” chats (there are three discord channels and a slack channel so far) are not doing much for me to move on and find the next job.

First Moves

My first move was to take a week to do “whatever I want”. Which is already constrained by hundreds of variables, but what I ended up doing during that time was continuing my learning list and coding problems.

Second week is going to be all about specific interview prep and applying to companies. Wish me luck!