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On Feeling Overwhelmed

Posted on:January 13, 2022 at 12:13 PM

Sometimes when I get into a good mindfulness session, I start to feel overwhelmed. I hear my heart beating, the movement and sounds of the breath, tingling from my hands, stress pulls at my chest and gut, thoughts and sounds jump into my awareness, it’s a cacophony.

The funny thing here is I’m peacefully sitting doing nothing, which is sort of ridiculous. The fact that I can be overwhelmed when “doing nothing” is insightful for any other time I’m feeling overwhelmed. It exposes that on any level, to some extent, it’s ridiculous to feel overwhelmed. With that insight, I’ve found it quick and easy to get past the negative and useless feeling of overwhelm.

But I really have so much going on!

This may be. But, and this may be surprising, you can only do as much as you are capable of doing.

The optimal approach to having a lot to do, is with calm priority, one thing at a time, with sufficient energy. Exactly the opposite of what the overwhelming feelings push you to do. First take care of yourself so you can think clearly. Then prioritize and work on the most important thing first. There really is no more you can do so there’s no point in feeling any negative feelings about your situation.