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Priority is about taking away

Posted on:March 22, 2023 at 12:43 PM

Priority is about NOT doing the many “top priority” items on your list. Like a mustache is just a beard without the chin bits, or being vegitarian as mostly about NOT eating meat. Focus is mostly about how well you can avoid the 2nd priority item.

It can help to pause for a moment to dwell on the reality of your situation. You have capacity to do one thing. This means if you’re working on a project for work, you’re not spending time with your family, or fixing up your house, or taking care of your pets, or reading that book you’ve been wanting to get to, or exercising, etc. All of these things are important and you get to do only one now. Pick that one thing carefully, understand the gravity of that choice, put your full self and attention into it, and do it in the most professional, productive, kind hearted way you can.

For me, a flexible but regular routine helps push me to keep a balance between care, productivity, art, creativity, health, etc.