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Silent Things

Posted on:March 21, 2023 at 02:05 PM

A slow regard of silent holds deep personal meaning to many who read it. It’s more a verb than a noun, with no real beginning or ending. Something I personally took from it is to re-think the intentionality depth with which I interact with everyday objects. The difference between a mess and a well-designed clean space lies here. When approached with care and thoughtfulness, the items that make up our home-brewed habitat hold a mirror to our mind. Not only does this often delight the next person to walk into the room, but it initiates a positive feedback loop where one can delight in the beauty of their own making.

From a psychological perspective what we experience as the world is much more top down construction in the brain than bottom up “real” world noticing. Optical illusions are an obvious example, or seeing faces where they do not exist. But it goes further. The literal things, hear, taste, touch, etc. can depend on our mood, when we last ate, how much sleep we got, etc. The world as we experience it is a constantly changing reactive mirror to the mind and body.