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Stoic Meditations

Posted on:May 10, 2022 at 12:13 PM

The goal is to train the mind to naturally want the things we already have. Each of these can be individual 10-20 min meditations (deep thought). Focus on the thoughts and feelings that arise when focusing on the prompt.

  1. Think about what it would be like to lose the things you have (including objects, experiences, memories, health, family, etc.)
  2. Think about how there will be a last time for each and every experience (e.g. picking up your child, going for a run, etc.)
  3. Think of what would make today the good old days. What do you imagine yourself reflecting back on that you can do today. Make your future self nostalgic for the present.
  4. You are likely living the dream for thousands of people. Think of those people and all the things you have that they want. Think of how lucky you are to be in your position. Were simply born in a different place, how different could your experience be.