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Tedious Task Tactic

Posted on:January 23, 2022 at 12:13 PM

The general form is to separate a tedious task into two tasks (preparation::execution) that when approached in different mindsets or contexts can both be enjoyable (not tedious).

The task as a whole gives instant an difficult to control negative feelings - tightning of the gut/chest, etc.

However, preparing with a servant mindset often feels really good. You know that whoever approaches the situation later is going to feel great that such preparation was done for them. And knowing you’re helping someone else feel good, feels great in itself.

Now, imagine you had a servant who went into your bathroom and prepared your toothbrush and floss every morning. Certainly you would be very appreciative, you’re living like a king! Not to mention you wouldn’t want their efforts to go to waste. Surely you would graciously and humbly accept their gift.

It can help to separate the two parts with some time, which can be awkward, and can also give others you live with the opportunity to execute on your prep (maybe not with the toothbrush). This should feel great as I’m sure they appreciate the efforts.